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Jean Martin

Jean Martin
When I discovered the large and splendid villas of St Barth, I was seduced by the strength of the elements that surround them. The water is very present, there is always this connection between the pool and the ocean, like a call from nature.

The wind blows all year round on St Barth, this small island in the middle of the ocean. In the villas, you can hear the wavy palm leaves. The wind protects us from the heat of the sun by ventilating us pleasantly. Sometimes a gust passes and disturbs the water in the pool, creating small ripples.

With my series of divinities, I try to relate these elements, to represent them. There is Tethis, a sea goddess who takes water in her hands. There’s Eole, the god of the wind who stands proudly facing the ocean. Calycé, daughter of Eole with her hair and her dress in the wind.

My sculptures are made of metal, an element that comes from the earth. It naturally finds its place among the elements of St Barth. I try to combine the elegance of polished metal and the grace of deities with the refinement of villas. My sculptures are made to blend into the decor of the villas, to become one with them, like the natural elements that surround them.

Soudeur métallier de profession travaillant à Saint Barth, Jean Martin détourne ses compétences pour concevoir et fabriquer des oeuvres en inox, en aluminium ou même en bois. En travaillant principalement sur les courbes et en soignant les finitions pour obtenir un poli éclatant, il donne à ses oeuvres un aspect fluidifié et comme figé dans l’instant. Ses productions sont élégantes, faites pour des villas de luxe ou des appartements d'exception. Elles résistent à la pluie et au éléments marins.

Jean Martin : " je vis à St Barth depuis bientôt 10 ans. Avant de devenir artiste à temps plein, j’étais soudeur et je suis venu à St Barth pour exercer ce métier. Sur notre île, ce métier m’a permis de découvrir non seulement le travail de l’inox qui est devenu la caractéristique principale de mon art mais également d’explorer St Barth en travaillant dans ses somptueuses villas avec leurs vues merveilleuses.

Je n’ai plus ressenti le besoin d’habiter ailleurs et je continue aujourd’hui encore à visiter et découvrir ce petit coin de paradis. Je fais beaucoup de randonnées à travers les montagnes et le long des côtes. Il y a certaines plages que l’on peut atteindre uniquement en empruntant de  longs chemins escarpés.

J’aime la vie sociale de l’île constituée de personnes de différents horizons. On y fait des rencontres originales. On peut sortir le soir ou aller manger dans un restaurant sur la plage le dimanche.

St Barth est une petite île et malgré le plaisir que j’ai à y vivre, il est également important pour moi de pouvoir la quitter de temps en temps pour d’autres destinations et découvrir de nouvelles choses. "

A craftsman welder and metalworker working in St Barthélemy, Jean Martin diverts his skills to create art pieces made of stainless steel, aluminium and even wood. He takes great care to hide all signs of welding and polishes his art pieces to make them shine. Be they statues, pieces of furniture or even chained balloons, his works share a level of elegance which matches that of the luxury villas or apartments where they are installed. They stand nearly all weather conditions.

" I have lived in St Barth for almost 10 years. Before becoming a full-time artist, I was a welder and I came to St Barth to practice this profession. On our island, this job allowed me to discover not only the work of stainless steel which has become the main characteristic of my art but also to explore St Barth by working in its sumptuous villas with their marvelous views.

I no longer felt the need to live elsewhere and I still continue to visit and discover this little corner of paradise today. I hike a lot through the mountains and along the coast. There are certain beaches that can only be reached by taking long, steep paths.

I love the social life of the island made up of people from different backgrounds. We meet original people there. You can go out in the evening or eat at a restaurant on the beach on Sunday.

St Barth is a small island and despite the pleasure I have in living there, it is also important for me to be able to leave it from time to time for other destinations and discover new things. "

Photos by Laurent Benoit

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