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Sails painted by Kay Quattrocchi as a tribute to the Bucket Regatta

The Wall of Light (sails painted on multi-layered plexiglas) :

I like to walk all over the island, in the mountains, or by the sea, or at sea. The light and the time of day change the colors of the island, and then there are very seasonal changes subtle, as the sun changes its course on the horizon.

I am above all passionate about astrophysics and its link between consciousness and universe (neutrino collection), but loving windsurfing, meditation, qiqong and taiji quan (easier to practice everywhere on the island), it It was obvious that I would create this collection around the Bucket Regatta, because it brings it all together: this feeling between sport, connection with the elements and spirit of love for nature, this collection is like a free meditation inspired by the Spirit of St Barth.
The Sea, the Wind, the Light are multiple sources of inspiration, rocks too. The sailboat allowed the arrival of St Barths on the island, it is a symbol of travel but also of challenge, sharing, freedom and openness to others. I felt all the strength of these sailboats moving on the water especially during the Bucket Regatta, these prestigious sailboats which revolve around the island of St Barth like a dance with all the passion for racing. What interested me above all was to give back this momentum in the water, this blue movement of the water, to no longer know if the sailboat becomes the sea or the sea the sailboat, an elegant and intense romantic encounter between sailing, sea, sun and wind.

Sails painted by Kay Quattrocchi in tribute to the Bucket Regatta

On linen canvas or plexiglas (on commission)


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