Anabelle Buron

Anabelle Buron

Can you tell us more about your concrete experience of the lockdown ?

I am blessed to be in Saint Barth. At first it was hard to be locked up, I was particularly missing the feel of the sea which is my element and one of the main sources of inspiration of my latest work series.. but I have the most beautiful view unto the seascape and it is very comforting. With the extensive media coverage and overload of negative and tragic news coming from everywhere, I went through different phases randomly, I felt upset, helpless, sad, determined to make changes happen, and the fear of the unknown… I really felt for the people and health workers in first lines acting to save our lives. I worried for my loved ones, fortunately my parents were here visiting me and decided to stay on the island. We lost a dear family member to the virus and some friends have been seriously ill.

At the beginning all seemed surreal and felt like a bad dream, then I dedicated myself to singing, which is my other passion, and I kept my focus on it. Music is happiness to the soul and it instantly gave me a sense of peace. Also, the daily hour walk was the enlightenment of the day with the nature surroundings and I took random snapshots of it.

What is your personal state of mind ?

I am much more serene. We are truly blessed to be in Saint Barth and to be preserved from this all so far. I hope it will remain this way and that this virus will soon be a bad memory. But we have to stay humble, Life is unpredictable. This is a lesson on how fragile and strong humankind is and how resilient we can be.

I completely live in the present, one day at a time.

Does the lockdown experience have an impact on your art ?

I have creative ideas for a new series, but I am not sure I will pursue this project yet.

The situation is still quiet dramatic and a shock for the World. I believe there will be a ‘before and after’ covid. But later if things get back to normal, I will make that series either as a retrospective or as our new present… I hope it won’t be.

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