Where french elegance meets island culture

Photos, Paintings and Sculptures inspired by St Barth

our new gallery in st jean

Opening times : 11am-1pm 5pm-7pm

Everyday except Sunday

Parking spaces available in front of the gallery


Join us on April 16 in our gallery to discover artworks by Christian Fahrner Le Saux

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Saint Barthélemy, 1958

Our new book with 60 photos of Saint Barthélemy, its people and its landscapes, taken by Hélène Roger-Viollet during her trip in 1958. Available at our gallery in Saint Jean

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Elegance : the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner

Authenticity : the quality of being real or true

Culture of St Barth : austerity and intensity forged by life on a rock beaten by the elements, the sun, the wind and the sea


The appeal is less about what the art says to others than how you feel looking at it