About us

The Artists of St Barth Association was created in 2016 to promote local contemporary art among inhabitants and regular visitors. Fifty painters, sculptors and photographers are part of it. The works of these artists can be seen on the association's website and in its gallery in St Jean (Pati's Gallery).

 They are also showcased at Art Parties organized every three months in the 5 star hotels of the island in partnership with the Tourism Committee (CTTSB). Nils Dufau, CTTSB president: One of our goals is to allow art to play a key role in maintaining the loyalty of our upscale clientele, as well as place the island of Saint Barthélemy in a leading position as a top art destination in the Caribbean islands.

 Every year, the association organizes with the CTTSB and Saint Barthélemy Collectivity an Art Week made up of 6 parallel exhibitions each presenting the works of an artist, and events every night of the week. The association also organizes Art & Food Markets every month at night. And it runs an Art School where children and adults can take part in art sessions with local artists.

 Since November 2019, its President is Antoine Verglas, a renowned fashion photographer sharing his life between New York and St Barth.