Aurélien Gambade

Aurélien Gambade

Can you tell us more about your concrete experience of the lockdown ?

When the lockdown was announced in Saint Barth, I admit that I was very worried about our island. First island in the Caribbean affected, with a hospital unfortunately not having sufficient means to treat serious cases. Fortunately, it seems that we were spared the worst, thanks to the common sense of the population and respect for the rules imposed. At my home, I take care of my goats, hens, feed iguanas, plant potted vegetables. I also took up the guitar.. and of course thought of new creations. With the help of my six year old son, we even built a tree house. So we are lucky in this difficult time.

What is your personal state of mind ?

I try to remain positive, even if, deep down, I remain concerned about the consequences that this crisis will have. It allows us to realize that humans are very fragile and so dependent on the current system. I don't want to leave this legacy to my children. Know how to grow a potato, understand the life of plants, animals and the importance of each presence in the natural balance. Then roll your eyes at night. It all sounds a little hermit, but let's realize that we only have one planet.

Does the lockdown experience have an impact on your art ?

I admit that I was already starting to take more commitment in the message of my works. The octopus with its cartridge mask that I made last year is a first example. I also work with my last stock of recycled parts, due to the lock down, which led me to rework my supports and bases differently. And to use materials that are difficult to integrate at the start.

Do you practice your art during the lockdown ? if yes, can you tell us about your new pieces ?

I started a new pice a few months ago, on the theme of inheritance. It is a piece with many messages. And I would be really interested to know the interpretation of each one. The global vision of the art work already corresponding to a first message. Then, if you get closer, each element has its own. You can find a frightening side that I wanted to assume, influenced by what the world is currently experiencing. I still have several days of work to finalize. But here are some photos beforehand :

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