Fabienne Miot

Fabienne Miot

Can you tell us more about your concrete experience of the lockdown ?

While I only rub shoulders with a few people, I don't suffer from it.

I walk early in the morning, then I go to the workshop in Gustavia until I am hungry. In the afternoon, I spend time with my mother (with a mask) whom I see much more than usual. I swim, take care of the garden, cook, the essentials and simple things of life.

What is your personal state of mind ?

In the beginning, having time destabilized me.

The fear of this microscopic virus, the anguish of a bad movie that begins again.

Very quickly, I took on the positive side and decided to live in the present moment, not being directly confronted with the disease.

I couldn't get over Irma, it was a good time to finish what I left behind due to lack of time. Now I am rested, I listen to the silence and the nature with great happiness. My days are still going too fast...

Does the lockdown experience have an impact on your art ?

It’s still too early to tell, it will certainly be very important.

Do you practice your art during the lockdown ? if yes, can you tell us about your new pieces ?

I first finished the orders in progress or pending for a long time. I had this need to tidy up, to organize, to make room so that my creativity is not impaired by jewelry or obligations of all kinds.

Then my creativity went wild, crazy, with desires for everything and anything. I am in the 3rd phase where I ask myself and savor the desire. The desire to simply create. I have my workshop at home again, I also paint for fun. I first wanted to materialize the virus in jewelry, then I turned to more positive ideas. Yellow gold pendant representing the earth in boiling, set with small diamonds of very good quality, very bright, and painting mixing soft and powdery colors with bark and cashews.

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