Gabriela Berrutti

Gabriela Berrutti

At first, can you tell us more about your concrete experience of the lockdown ?

I haven't changed my routine much, I paint as much as possible, I also try to do a little sport. I have the privilege of living in a house with garden and swimming pool, I enjoy it to the fullest. Unfortunately because of the lockdown, I can no longer take long walks or swim in the sea, I miss it. I love the silence of human life and I enjoy listening to nature, the breath of the wind in the trees, the song of birds. More than ever, this absence of noise pollution offers us the chance to reconnect with our conscience.

What is your personal state of mind ?

My state of mind has changed because what we are going through cannot leave me indifferent. I experienced all kinds of feelings: negative ones like sadness, rage, helplessness. It is revolting with all the technology and knowledge we have to arrive at this absurd situation. The side effects will be more serious. Positive ones ... It is in moments of crisis that we find the importance of what matters. Our adrenaline drops and forces us to think more deeply. Who are we ? We can ask ourselves real questions, what future do we want for our society? in what state will we leave the planet to our children? The important values of life resurface. Can we still change the world?

Does the lockdown experience have an impact on your art ?

My artistic approach has not changed in technical and philosophical terms. But I’m much more determined to keep fighting for the importance of making positive, healing art. Humanity no longer needs suffering. We must abandon what connects us to the negative side of our existence. For me, art must heal and express beauty. You have to encourage introspection, unlimited creativity, let the children get out of the box and teach them to connect with their positive side. This period of introspection is favorable for the return to our higher self. As a result, more and more of us are awakening our consciousness and moving from the shadows to the light. At the same time, many will not detach themselves from materialism. They will remain suffering souls, refusing to abandon this obsolete system. With love we must share our joy and transmit a vision of a better future.

Do you practice your art during the lockdown ? if yes, can you tell us about your new pieces ?

I continue my work on the “Summertime In St Barth” series with even more vibrant colors and more elaborate works than the previous series. In a still world, I am in full effervescence...

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