"Double Influence" from 13 January to 9 February 2018 in Gustavia's Museum

"Double Influence" from 13 January to 9 February 2018 in Gustavia's Museum


With 4 artists with strong connections with both New York and St Barth :
« Iron and glass, New York is an object of seduction and energy. A fairy of wind and stone, St Barth is an object of sensuality and magnificence. St Barth and Manhattan offer eroticism and vertigo; horizontal vertigo, for one, and vertical, for the other.
My artwork hides the beauty that one is able to discover in these two places, and suggests those that one does not dare to confess. »

« Like New York, St Barth is a unique place where creativity is more than welcomed. The same with my work, trying to capture the inexhaustible power of flowers. »

« Both Manhattan and Saint Barth are islands where everyone meets again one day or another. Two islands so different but attracting the same people at some point and for different reasons.
Two islands which I like to photograph in very different ways. New York has always enticed me with its industrial side whereas what attracts me in St Barth are its traditional houses, areas like Saline, Toiny, Grand Fond or the fishermen village of Corossol. »
« The energy and diversity of New York are, for me, its two main qualities. Those of St Barth are charm and peace of mind.

I think charm, diversity and peace of mind have influenced my painting. As far as diversity is concerned, I am sure of it. »
This exhibition takes place in the museum of St Barth, located at La Pointe in Gustavia

From 13 January to 9 February, open 9am-12am 3pm-7pm everyday except Sunday

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