introducing our new book : Saint Barthélemy, 1958

"This magnificent book of photos taken by Hélène Roger-Viollet immerses us in Saint-Barthélemy at the end of the 1950s"

— Xavier Lédée, President of the Collectivité de Saint-Barthélemy

"Ce magnifique ouvrage de photos prises par Hélène Roger-Viollet nous plonge dans le Saint-Barthélemy de la fin des années 50"

— Xavier Lédée, Président du Conseil Territorial de Saint-Barthélemy

"Each of these photos constitutes an invaluable testimony to landscapes and daily life that no longer exist"

— Antoine Verglas, President of Artists of St Barth

"Chacune de ces photos constitue un témoignage inestimable sur des paysages et un quotidien qui ne sont plus"

— Antoine Verglas, président de l'association des Artistes de St Barth

60 photos of St Barthélemy, its people and its landscapes

Avec l'intégralité des 60 photos prises par Hélène Roger-Viollet lors de sa visite en 1958

With captions in english and french

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exhibition in 2022

Some of the photos of this book were shown at an exhibition in Gustavia during St Barth Photo Festival

Hélène Roger-Viollet

Hélène Roger-Viollet, equipped with her Rolleiflex, traveled the world in the 1950s and 1970s: America, Asia, Africa...

Eldest daughter of Henri Roger, engineer and amateur photographer, she grew up with the photographic experiences of her father, trained in journalism and created the Roger-Viollet Photographic Agency in 1938 with her husband Jean Fischer. Her travels around the world were a pretext to complete, document and enrich the existing archives.

Hélène Roger-Viollet is not in search of sensationalism, but bears witness according to her encounters, in a square format, to the daily life and customs of distant peoples in the manner of an ethnologist, at a time when traveling was not so easy.

Over her 30 years of photography, Hélène Roger-Viollet has built up a work that combines documentary testimony and an aesthetic that is unique to her. In 1985, at the age of 84, she died tragically, murdered by her husband. The photographic fund was then bequeathed to the City of Paris and is currently kept by the Historical Library of the City of Paris.

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