Gabriela Berrutti and Julie Fumat at Barnes Agency

16 photos by Julie Fumat and 4 paintings by Gabriela Berrutti in Gustavia, 19 rue du Roi Oscar II

Mehdy Maxor at the Airport

9 photos at St Barthélemy's Airport, mixing St Barth's luxury life of today with that of yesterday

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Philippe Savary at Le Barthélemy

An exhibition of 24 photos from his Monocolors Series

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David Drebin at Christopher

David Drebin's exceptionnal Solo Exhibition with 9 photos at Christopher Hotel

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Julie Fumat at Le Barthélemy

An exhibition of 16 photos from Julie's Azure Series at Le Barthélemy Hotel from April to July 2022

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Camellia Ménard

An exhibition of 15 photos at Christopher Hotel.

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Let there be light at the WallHouse

A collective exhibition in the WallHouse Museum in summer 2021. With Igor Couston, Julie Fumat, Vanessa Thuillier, Pati Guyot and Luca Bornoffi

Ben Watts

10 photos in the Lobby of Barnes Agency's prestigious offices in Gustavia, rue Oscar II

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Michael Gramm at Le Barthélemy

January 2020

Philippe Savary at Christopher Hotel

January 2020

Art Day at Nikki Beach

With Christel Astakhoff in December 2019

Nouveaux Talents à Ociela

Juillet 2019 avec Faiza Bel, Bruno Dreyer et Frédéric Tétard

Fanxi Delarue at Christopher Hotel

June 2019

Hoboki at Pati's Gallery

March 2019

Gabriela Berrutti at Christopher

February 2019

Iles Soeurs at the WallHouse

A collective exhibition in February 2018 with Florence Poirier Nkpa, Dany Bret Dibat, Roger Moreau, François Lamort, Tess Verheij, Michael Doudeau and Cati Burnot

Double Influence at the WallHouse

A collective exhibition in February 2018 with Jean Verrechia, Hoboki, Antoine Verglas and Eric Demarchelier

Rose Garden at Guanahani

With Jean Verrechia in March 2017