Quiet Luxury, a trendy phenomenon that shakes up the codes

Or the astonishing rise of a new discreet luxury which favors sobriety rather than ostentation.The rise of quiet luxury reflects a societal evolution and new consumption habits. Part of the younger generation aspires to a more balanced lifestyle, preferring authenticity and sustainability to symbols of flamboyant wealth. This movement towards quiet luxury is not just limited to fashion. It is also evident in other luxury sectors such as automobiles, which must be electric, and in the hotel industry. This is because many of these young consumers are increasingly seeking more intimate and personalized luxury experiences, preferring refined and exclusive locations rather than ostentatious symbols of wealth.
Forbes, 2023
Showing off has become contrary to the cultural conversation.At its core, quiet luxury—also known as “stealth wealth”—is a movement that emphasizes investment in high-quality materials, comfort, and craftsmanship over flash, bling, and logos.
Cultured, 2023

Starting with fashion, quiet luxury has trickled into all aspects of culture, including cuisine, interior design, art and travel

Today's luxury travelers seek authentic and local experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in the culture and environment of the destination, rather than simply enjoying ostentatious luxuries in isolated hotels.
Luxonomy, 2023