Sculptures, photographs and paintings for luxury homes

Camellia Ménard, française, est née en 1988. Après avoir obtenu son bac professionnel, elle s'installe à Paris, plate-forme idéale pour parcourir le monde : NYC, Miami, LA, Londres, Berlin, Dubai, Hawai. Ses photos paraissent rapidement dans divers magazines et revues internationales. Grâce à l'obtention d'un visa américain, elle travaille auprès des grandes agences de mannequins. Basée actuellement dans les Caraibes, les shoots en lumière naturelle deviennent sa spécialité. Ses photos font l'objet d'exposition à Paris et St Barth.

Camellia Menard is born in France. Not yet a teenager, she shows artistic talents and her passion for fashion through amazing drawings and paintings. Itʼs after receiving her french diploma, capping 4 years of photographic school that she established her base in Paris and travels the world for shooting: NY, Miami, LA, Milan, London, Berlin, Dubai, Hawaii....

Published, her photos were also used on National TV Network. You may also have seen her, camera in hand, at private events like Red Bull Advance Motion or on movie sets. An important step in her carrier, was the day she was offered a job and a visa to work in the USA for the biggest models agencies.

She spends a lot of time of the Caribbean Islands, St Barthelemy, Guadeloupe, Les Saintes... where numerous shootings keep her on her toes. 

Camellia Menard

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