Charline Blanchet

Freed artist since 2015 and her nursing studies, Charline thrives on travel, adventure and encounters. Drawing on her student experience and then her development in the professional world, in Mayotte and then Saint Barth, she draws her energy from the world around her. Mayotte symbol of nature, colors by the Mahoran culture, Saint Barth land of excellence and luxury collide in paintings reflecting all the experience of her study work and her talent.

Her paintings with constructed/deconstructed airs reflect her perpetual desire for evolution and her need for change. She seeks to redefine borders, her own borders, in order to find meaning in her thoughts. As when chaos precedes order, art is an outlet where the evacuation of thoughts in a disordered way is transcribed very rigorously by a succession of brushstrokes, knives, feathers, leaves and other materials. Nuances of colors, nuanced by the tools used, making it possible not to precisely define the works to invite reasoning and reflection.

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