Ivo Nenov

Born in Bulgaria in the freezing cold of Sofia, I was raised by my grandmother in a canyon village in the west of the country. My oldest memories are steep and vertiginous cliffs, natural tectonic breaks.
In 2006, I started studying architecture and discovered the big city, the teeming megalopolis, the incessant flow of people, of events... the multitude of differences which, despite everything, form a unity.

Despite my ease with freehand drawing, I quickly realized that certain shapes are not drawn by conventional means. It is difficult for the hand to describe swarms, similar clusters made up of slight differences. Transition to computing, to parametric software... I discovered the power of algorithms, processes devoid of gestural sensitivity but of an aesthetic that is only logical.

After all these years of urbanity and technology, back to nature, to my sources, to Saint-Martin, a few months before everything was destroyed by Irma. I experienced the omnipotence of nature and the idea that even chaos is describable and filled with beauty. An aesthetic of menace ?

I have been practicing my profession as an architect in an agency in Saint Barth since July 2020. No longer worrying about threats, I explore its cliffs and its colored backgrounds which further reinforce my idea that man will never be able to match, in his representation, the Beauty that nature grants us. The work must speak for itself.

Please contact us for any question : asb97133@gmail.com or (+59) 06 90 73 45 73. Same day response.