Pati Guyot

Pati Guyot has turned her nickname "Pati St Barth" into a successful brand, built around an iconic logo of the island of Saint Barthélemy that she herself created, and that she reproduces on clothes and objects.

Thanks to her paintings, she was able to finance a three-year world tour, which ended in St Barth. Her artistic activity was then reinforced by a four-year stay in Los Angeles, before returning to Saint Barthélemy, which has been her home since she permanently moved to the island.

Pati Guyot's paintings embrace such themes as light, transparency, the dark side, the invisible, depth, infinity, and duality. The truth behind the truth, mirrored reflections, false pretenses, mutations, research into that happens beyond what is visible, the essence of things, the lifeblood of others, infinitively small, infinitively great… Dizziness, elevation, inhalation, the force of the wind, lightness and intoxication of the senses.

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