Chloé Chemama

Of Franco-Tunisian origin, I grew up in a mix of different cultures and numerous travels. I have always been interested in painting. This is how I discovered artists such as Kandinsky, Eva Grammatikopoulos, Lepolsk Matuszewski... This interest in painting developed after a forced immobilization following a herniated disc. This is how I realized that music was a plus to allow me to fully realize myself in painting (Hotel Costes, Apparat Komponent, Massive Attack).

Arriving in Saint-Barthélemy, I discovered new horizons, fabulous scenery, and above all I also live the simple life of its inhabitants and I discover the culture of being and its traditions. All these raw materials are mixed with the music. I quickly picked up my brushes. I was able to develop and enrich my knowledge.

It all starts with the mixing, the creation of the material, with the touch. I prepare my colors by immersing in the environment and space. I act like a blind person letting myself be carried away by painting, music, wind, breath. My body is my tool that I extend with brushes or a blowtorch.

The final work is the result of an intuitive gesture that allows me to convey my moods but also the landscapes, the beaches and the sound of the sea, all the nature of Saint-Barthelemy.

This is all that I want to present to you today through my works.

Please contact us for any question : or (+59) 06 90 73 45 73. Same day response.