Christian Fahrner Le Saux



Christian Fahrner Le Saux discovered art in churches, which he frequented more than museums. This series pays homage to these first encounters.

THE 2022-2023 SERIES

I believe in the beauty that surrounds us, man, nature, colors, space, the invisible, the spiritual, the fantastic. I don't feel alone, I have a force that guides me.

Christian would have liked to study art. Unfortunately he did not have the opportunity, forced to devote himself to more quickly lucrative activities. This did not prevent him from becoming a talented interior designer. A complete artist, he also draws and paints. His subjects are varied, such as his series of sanctified characters inspired by his current events in Saint Barth and elsewhere.

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Je crois à la beauté qui nous entoure, l’homme, la nature, les couleurs, l’espace, l’invisible, le spirituel, le fantastique. Je ne me sens pas seul, j’ai une force qui me guide.