I don't limit myself to just one thing. Conscious and honest, I like to create, express various ideas, the good and bad moments of life, emotions, experiences. I like novelty, renewal, change. Repetitive things are synonymous with boredom for me.

Saint Barth Lover

I always appreciated pretty things, the problem was that they weren't unique. Lover is expressed by this “scribble” composed of three lines which represent one of my universes… It translates for me as a “destruction lover”, the fact of artistically sacrificing beautiful things, in an irreversible way, of changing the views of others and to modify their values… This notion of “waste” pleases me, hence this scribbling, without real structure, without codes, above all not hesitating to leave the “perfect” circle so much appreciated. All means are good to achieve “uniqueness”.


It is like I go into my dreams with a camera to capture images. I like this aspect of “new reality”, of going further than what we see, of creating our own universe, one that resembles us and corresponds to us.

It all starts with a “Can you imagine if…?” and here we are, remaking the world with a dreamy spirit, leaving room for the craziest ideas, those that make us smile and laugh, touch us, intrigue us but above all those that escape us from a monotonous reality.


In life as in art, we sometimes seek something more colorful, more magical but above all more alive. So I ended up hungry for wonder, but also thirsty for discovery. What if these mushrooms gave a whole new flavor to this dish? What if this tiny drop had the power to stop time ? On the tip of my brush, I let the watercolor absorb it. In the midst of creation, I traveled between colors and flavors, dimensions and emotions, perspectives and movements…



Originally from Guadeloupe and living in Saint Barth for 4 years, 3meel6 is an artist from diverse universes with a strong attraction for fashion and various trends. He defines his art as crazy, humorous, somewhat sarcastic, messenger, colorful, honest and FREE.

He creates paintings, collages and photo montages.

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