Nicolas Ouchenir



“Sous le Soleil” is a collection of images inspired by a lifetime of childhood holidays in south of France in the late 70s, St. Jean Cap Ferrat, my haven from worry and complications.

I was an eager spectator of lives imbued with effortless elegance at once both chic and casual, always sexy, full of beautiful, independent women who bask in freedom and sun, I soaked it all in.

Summer holidays in France was 8 weeks of “insouciance” and those memories have fueled "Sous Le Soleil", inspiring me as a photographer while evoking faded memories of a simpler time, of happiness, feeling good and of genuine living.

Here I take a journalistic approach, hiding behind my lens to capture experiences free from memory or imagination — simply living in the moment, enjoying the present.

This collection kindles the vibe of comfort, enjoyment and sensuality for all that view it, reminding us how much pleasure the stillness of mind and body can conjure.

Nicolas Ouchenir is a French calligrapher who works for fashion and design. He is now everywhere: from the most prestigious fashion shows, for which he imagines all the invitations, to brands whose excellence is recognized throughout the world and which he supports as a consultant. Signatures that are always strong, tailor-made and necessarily rare. Nicolas Ouchenir is a magician who brings ink to life and gives it a soul.

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