10 outdoor exhibitions

Starting on October 26, 2023

Hugo Allard

After more than 10 years in St Barth, my two passions, photography and video, have become a real profession for me. Through this festival, I decided to share with you my greatest passion which is surfing.

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michel dol

A natural attraction leads me to prefer shooting landscapes and street photos, but I don't deny myself any shot when suddenly inspired. A big fan of Robert Doisneau, Raymond Depardon and Ansel Adam, black and white photography, complete or partial, is present in almost all of my developments.

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maël aumonier

Photography of animal species engages the photographer in an interaction with his subjects and a complete reflection in order to understand their lifestyle and their behavior. We then arrive at a visual communication with them, in order to capture their beauty.

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coraline chauveau

I fell in love with the island, especially the side that you don't see on TV. In mainland France, I did more portraits and never landscapes. Here the different places available to us make me start to enjoy this type of photography.

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juliette remi

At a time when over-construction, over-population and over-consumption define St Barths, nostalgia is winning over more and more lovers of the island and making them dream of the St Barths of yesteryear. A series where the human footprint is reduced to a minimum to serve only as a scale in this imposing nature.

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Laura Payet

This series is a representation of several women that I have met in recent years in St Barths. It’s my way of showing the feminine and diverse beauty of the island.

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photographs of the Environment Agency's 10 year celebration

Exhibition dedicated to the winners of the photo competition organized on the theme of biodiversity by the ATE in May 2023 to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

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Winners of the yearly Contest

13 photos selected out of the 78 applications.


yannis delvas

St Barthélemy is my home, I was born there. The island is my inspiration. Between its high and low season it offers very different landscapes. The island has developed a lot but fortunately there are still magnificent wild sides.

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My choice of photos for the Festival is part of an ongoing project: I wish to transcribe on canvas the maritime landscapes of the coast of St Barth and other islands, based on immersion shots. A new look at each of them, from the ocean, often accompanied by a subtle, playful, offbeat wink.

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