On this website, painters, photographers and sculptors offer artworks sublimating the natural elements characteristic of the island of Saint Barthélemy. Refined and sober at the same time, they perfectly express what people are looking for today in Saint Barth.

Since 2015, Saint Barthélemy has developed a new artistic trend with artists from Europe or America. Living on the island part-time or full-time, they all convey the character of Saint Barthélemy: a limited space where the elements are concentrated - sea, sky, wind, sun, sand, rocks, flora -, intense and present, which give it its particular beauty.

Connected to this direct and powerful energy, these artists add two ingredients:

- the elegance that has been the hallmark of Saint Barth since it became a flagship destination for high-end tourism

- simplicity and straightforwardness, which come from the history of the island and the resilience of its inhabitants, and make the artworks grounded and eye-catching

This artistic trend of "Raw Elegance" is naturally adapted to the contemporary villas which are the current brand of Saint Barthélemy. Sharing the same elegance, it helps to anchor them in their environment through its connection with the energy and elements of the island.

Thus, year after year, the owners of villas or regular visitors in love with the island are more and more numerous to purchase such artworks, from 9 in 2017 to almost 70 in 2019 and already 50 during the first months of 2020.